“I’ve been working with Canada’s best kept secret in the ware on aging… Dr. Madison. She’s amazing!” -Janette Ewen ‘Inside the Box’ co-host

At the Madison Clinic each client is individually catered to at the Madison Clinic thus the problem areas and the treatments identified are recommendations and are not immediate solutions.Fake Omega

Frown Lines: wrinkles on the forehead and in between the eyebrows can be treated with ‘Botox’ and ‘Dermal Fillers’

Brow Line Laxity: ‘Botox’ ‘Dermal Fillers’ ‘Skin Rejuvenation’ laser treatments.

Crows Feet: wrinkles that are on the temple and outside of the eye are similarly treated with ‘Botox’ and ‘Dermal Fillers’

Nasolabial Folds: The lines around the mouth and nose can be treated with ‘Botox’ ‘Dermal Fillers’ as well as ‘Skin Rejuvenation’ laser treatments.

Jowl and Neck Laxity: The looser skin underneath the neck and skin around the jaw can be tightened using ‘Skin Rejuvenation’ laser treatments.

Under Eye Laxity: Sagging skin underneath the eye can be treated with ‘Dermal Fillers’ and ‘Skin Rejuvenation’ laser treatments.

Brown Spots: Uneven pigment spots due to aging and sun damage over the years which can occur on multiple parts of the body can be treated with out ‘Uneven Skin Tone and Age Spot Removal’ laser treatments.

Spider Veins and Vascular Lesions: Vein visibility increases with age, these visibilities can be treated with ‘Uneven Skin Tone and Age Spot Removal’ laser treatments.

Cellulite: Uneven skin is most common on the thighs, butt and stomach and can be treated with ‘Cellulite Reduction’ laser treatments.

Aging Hands: Dermal Fillers’ ‘Uneven Skin Tone and Age Spot Removal’ laser treatment.