Why choose non-invasive treatments over plastic surgery?

Surgery carries many risks including scarring, infection, and anesthesia complications. Typically, invasive cosmetic surgery involves a long and painful recovery period that includes significant bruising, swelling, and the need for strong pain medications. The non-invasive treatments that are performed at the Madison Clinic, do not involve the risks of surgery, and cause no significant pain, swelling, bruising or recovery time. They are also more affordable.

Missed/canceling/rescheduling appointments?

24 hours notice is required for altering or cancelling appointments, a $150 fee is applied with failure to do so.

What occurs during the consultation phase?

During the consultation phase Dr. Madison will collaborate with clientele on treatments, their expectations and results.

How much do treatments cost?

Each client’s needs are different – for that reason a personalized consultation is conducted at no charge to arrange treatments and costs, please contact us.

What treatments are available for men?

All treatments are available for men. Although typically men will have different target areas depending on the treatment. These will be customized depending on the individual client, as all treatments are at the Madison Clinic.

What is included in before and after patient care and follow up?

Private consultations are free of charge where any questions and concerns are addressed. Follow up appointments that are to check on the success and status of your treatment is also conducted without charge. These consultations are an important aspect of the Madison Clinic as our main concern is our clients and their satisfaction of the treatment.


Botox is minimally invasive and virtually pain-free treatment that reduces or practically eliminates the appearance of unwanted facial wrinkles and lines.

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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used if want to improve your facial contour by shaping facial features as well as prevent or eliminate those unsightly lines and wrinkles appearing as we age and our skin loses collagen.

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